Bound Pilot

Digital Outbound on Autopilot

We're building a simple and easy to use Digital Outbound SaaS product to help Domain name sellers, e-book writers, NFT creators / promoters and anyone sells or marketing digital products.

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Email Integration

Bring and keep your own email (We want to make sure you connect with your customers and prospects even after you are not subscribed to our tool). Connect with a click with G-Suite, Google Workspace, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 &


Customize outgoing messages with your personal touch with the click of a button when desired.


Create a campaign, assign prospects, set it and forget it. Our amazing tool will keep track of all deliveries, stops sending when there is a response and alerts you (So that you focus on other important things)


We're excited that this tool will empower you to reach your prospects on autopilot and deliver amazing results.